The scholars Source

September 2020

Create a workspace

Whether you have to designate a corner of a room, your dining table, or if you are fortunate enough to have a desk, try to create a workspace that you will use everyday while you are learning remotely. It is in your best interest to have a work station that is clutter free and enables you to concentrate.

Be prepared

Have all of your necessary supplies for school work on hand. Your notebooks, pens and pencils, and even your chargers for your tech should be close by. Additionally, don’t forget a sealable water bottle for quick sips so you can stay hydrated but avoid spills while you work.

Follow a schedule

Whether your school has a designated schedule or if all of your learning is asynchronous, where there is no specific time you have to be online, create a schedule to stick to. Use a planner or a space in your notebook where you write down the daily plan. Think about due dates and if your teachers will be having any synchronous meetings such as Zooms or Google Meets and manage your work time accordingly. Make sure to also pencil in brain breaks, times to stretch, and eat. A good way to think about this is in terms of the bell schedule if you were in school. Give yourself similar breaks even to just get up and “walk the halls.”

Put your smartphone to work for you

Have a smartphone? Turn it into your personal assistant. Make a note where you can store your important passwords. Set alarms for synchronous/live meetings and breaks. If you’re a person who forgets to drink water set alarms for that too. If you are a person who gets hyper focused and you forget the importance of breaks set an alarm and label it Dance Party Time and just turn on a favorite song and dance around till the song ends. Give your body and brain a chance to be revitalized throughout the day.

Ask for help when you need it

Do not hesitate to ask your teachers, parents, and even your friends for help. If you’ve read the directions for an assignment several times and are still puzzled, take the time to reach out to your teacher so that you can get the information you need to be successful.