The Scholars DEN FAQ'S

frequently asked questions

How does your online tutoring service work?

1st we ask that you complete the consultation form so that one of the Scholars Den Teachers can reach out to you to discuss the academic needs of your child and/or children.

2nd your child will be matched to a qualified Scholars Den Teacher(s).

3rd one to one virtual tutoring sessions are set up using Calendly and we begin working with your child and/or children.

How soon can my child get started?

We will be able to start working with our Scholars within 48 hours.

What do I do if I would like to re-enroll for more hours after I have completed a bundle?

You can reach out to your child's Scholars Den Teacher to discuss how to continue services. We will notify you before you have completed your last few hours. When you renew with us we will provide you with FREE additional Den hours.

For Example:

12 Hour Package = 1 Free Bonus Hour

24 & 48 Hour Package= 2 Free Bonus Hours

How do I spread out my hours as each week/month passes?

So we would suggest the following:

If you choose to space it out by 2 hours per week:

12 Tutoring Hours will last 1 and a half months= 6 weeks

24 Tutoring Hours will last 3 Months= 12 weeks

48 Tutoring Hours will last 6 months= 24 weeks

If you choose to space it out by 3 hours per week:

12 Tutoring Hours will last 1 month = 4 weeks

24 Tutoring Hours will last 2 Months= 8 weeks

48 Tutoring Hours will last 4 months= 16 weeks

Can you describe a session length and how they are divided weekly?

We usually work with students 2-3 times week. The hours are divided within the three days that we are available (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

Student A (8th Grader):

Tuesday: 1 Hour

Wednesday : 1 Hour

Thursday: 1 Hours

= 3 Hours Per Week

Student B (5th Grader)

Tuesday: 1 Hour

Thursday: 1 Hours

= 2 Hours Per Week

Are your tutors certified and how long have they been teaching?

All Scholar Den Teachers are certified educators. Each teacher specializes in specific subject areas. Once you have been paired with a tutor(s) you will get the opportunity to meet them during a mini virtual orientation online or receive a call from them by phone.

What are the steps for my child to start their tutoring services once I have purchased a Bundle or Den AS YOU GO package?

The Den As You Go package is similar to Pay As You Go. If you are not sure about purchasing a bundle and want to see if The Scholars Den is right for you than you can purchase by the hour sessions, but this all depends on the Scholar Teachers availability. All schedules will be made using a Booking App/Site called Calendly.

For Example:

Student A (8th Grader)

Tuesday 1 hour= $70.00


Student B (5th Grader)

Tuesday 1 hour = $70.00

Thursday 1hour=70.00


Does Scholars Den have any discounts or special offers?

Enrolling more than one child and want to know if we have discounts for multiple siblings?

Of course we do! The first child pays full price, second child receives 10% off. Plus with our bundle deals you can divide the hours between siblings (i.e 48 Hour Bundle=Sibling A 24 hours and Sibling B 24 Hours)

What do you mean by MONEY BACK GUARANTEED?

If you’re not happy with our services, we would be glad to work with you to come to a resolution and if you’re still not satisfied, any unused hours you paid for will be refunded, no questions asked.

What essentials will my child need for each tutoring session?

We will provide The Scholars Den Virtual Tutoring Starter Kit:

  • Scholar Virtual Planner

  • Scholar Virtual Schedule

You will provide your child with:

  • Learning Space with limited noise and distractions

  • Headphones

  • Internet enabled device (ex. iPad, Laptop)

  • Writing Utensils (Pencils, Pens, Highlighters etc...)

  • Notebook or Binder for Notes

  • Subject Resources (i.e. Calculator for Math, Social Studies Textbook, Science Textbook, ELA Novel etc...)

How can I donate to help out The Scholars Den?

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